About us

Maya Sapera Company: Our mission

Maya Sapera Dance Company is a production company with different dance and music groups. By offering a high-quality program, we bring Indian and oriental arts to the Belgian audience.

Our productions combine different cultures in a creative and authentic way. Led by our artistic director Maya Sapera, Maya Sapera Company tours the whole of Belgium and abroad.

Take a look at our dance productions and our music productions.

Pioneers in Indian dance

For many years, we have been pioneers in bringing art forms like Kalbeliya, Bollywood, and Kathak to Belgium. Both on stage and in the studio.

In 2002, the Khan Brothers & Maya Sapera planted the first seeds of our story. Four years later, Maya Sapera founded the first professional Bollywood dance company.


Apart from performances, we offer qualitative dance classes, music classes, and workshops. With our strong educational platform, we want to upgrade the Indian and oriental art forms in Belgium at both the technical level and reputation.

Our Kathak dance education (Nupur Zankar Belgium) gives dancers the opportunity to obtain a degree certified in India. This way, we want to motivate dancers and musicians to practice ‘non-Western’ styles at a high level.

Our partners

We believe in the power of collaboration!

We hold our Kathak dance education and Kathak projects under the name Nupur Zankar Belgium. For these projects, we collaborate with Shila Mehta’s Nupur Zankar in India and the USA.

We would like to thank Alain Platel of Les Ballets C de la B and Michael De Schrijver (Zephyrus Records). They have supported us by completing our organisation’s committee. We have a residency at Danshuis De Ingang.

Maya Sapera Company is supported by the Federation of self-organisations in Flanders.

We have been supported by Danspunt and the Flemish Government for several productions.