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Sattar Khan

Sattar Khan, is a very talented percussionist. His fingers are so fast that your eyes cannot follow them. He plays almost any existing Indian percussion instrument, from tabla to Dholak, but also smaller instrument such as Khartal (Indian castagnettes), Bhapang and Morcchang (mouthharp). The double flute is also a well known instrument to him. He has… Read more

Mahabub Khan

Mahabub Khan is an excellent singer. With his voice he has touched the heart of many. To accompany his singing, he plays the harmonium. He is also educated in percussion, especially Tabla. He has worked with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Gulabi Sapera, Musafir, Thierry Robin, Gori KaDance Orchestra, Kiva (Canada), Djamel (Belgium), Fana – Dewish Dance –… Read more