Kathak dance education

Nupur Zankar Belgium

We offer officially recognized high-quality training with exams. Nupur Zankar Belgium is the Belgian department of Shila Mehta’s Nupur Zankar.


Kathak is a north-Indian classical dance form. Choreographers such as Akram Khan have introduced this dance form to the world of contemporary dance in Europe. In the art field of Flanders, this dance style is slowly gaining popularity.

The training

We offer weekly classes. Once or twice a year, we invite Shila Mehta to Belgium to give workshops and take exams.

The teachers

Guru Shila Mehta

Shila Mehta is an internationally renowned Kathak dance artist from Mumbai, India. Her impressive career spans several decades. She is a gifted performer and a respected guru (Hindi for “teacher”). Many of her students are promising performers and teachers.

Maya Sapera

Maya was the first of our teachers to meet Shila Mehta. She has been training under her guidance for over 10 years. Together, they founded Nupur Zankar Belgium.

Aaricia Ponnet

Aaricia was the first of our team to receive the prestigious ICCR scholarship to study Kathak in India.

Yuka Numao

Yuka is an enthusiastic teacher who recently joined our team of Kathak teachers!


Because of the current COVID-19 crisis, we are teaching online. Under normal circumstances, Maya and Aaricia teach in Ghent, while Yuka teaches in Brussels.

For more information about the classes, contact us here: mayasaperadancecompany@gmail.com