Kathak Education

Officially recognized Kathak dance education in collaboration with India

Maya Sapera Dance Company collaborates with Nupur Zankar, Academy of Performing Arts and Research Centre in Mumbai. Together they form the only Kathak school in Belgium, based on Nupur Zankar’s government-recognized course in India. Since 2007 Guruma Shila Mehta has been coming to Belgium to teach Kathak dance. With her consent, Maya Sapera has started to teach Kathak dance to children and adults in Belgium.

Together with Shila Mehta’s annual intensive course in Belgium, this creates a qualitative and sustainable education for students aiming to learn the art of Kathak.

Shila Mehta is an internationally renowned kathak dancer, teacher and choreographer and founder-director of the Nupur Zankar Academy of Performing Arts and Research Centre in Mumbai. Her solo performances have won her many honors and awards. She makes the honor to the poetry of the well-known Kavi Guru Sri Ravindranath Tagore.

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