Stage performance

Milaap is the Hindi word for encounter. Seven musicians and two dancers searched and keep searching for this milaap. They do this at both an artistic and a human level between two cultures: the Indian and Belgian, between dance and music, between tradition and contemporary times.

Feelings are an important motive through the performance and also a global human characteristic. The artists take the public on a journey through feelings. Feelings are also the working tool to overcome different artistic systems and backgrounds. Milaap is also the query of a woman, with the desire to florish and discover herself, freeing herself from cultural imposed structures. She’s fragile and afraid yet strong and fighting her way, searching her milaap between traditions and her Self.

Artists in the stage performance:

  • Mahabub Khan (vocals)
  • Sattar Khan (Indian percussion)
  • Wahid Khan (vocals & harmonium)
  • Jan Marmenout (Kaval, Stones, percussion & fujara)
  • Guinevere Scheider (vocals)
  • Osama Abdulrasol (qanun)
  • Bart Maris (trumpet)
  • Rebecca Fokkema (dance)
  • Maya Sapera (dance)

Bookings should be made with Maya Sapera.


Milaap (‘encounters’ in Hindi) tells the story of Belgian Maya Sapera and Indian Khatu Sapera. Both are acclaimed dancers specialized in Kalbeliya-dance, the Sapera or gypsy dance from Rajasthan.

Through an intimate and unique portrait of Maya and Khatu, the filmmakers try to translate the complex and erratic nature of the artistic process to the big screen. What confrontations do the dancers and musicians encounter? How do they result in a contemporary crossover performance in which not the variety, but the endless encounters between people, dance and music are the main focus?