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Khan Brothers

Indian musicians playing tabla drums

Khan Brothers: Indian musical group The Khan Brothers are an Indian musical duo specialised in traditional and classical Indian music. Mahabub and Sattar Khan have been musicians since childhood. They bring a variety of Rajasthani music. Their styles include: folk songs Qawwali (sufi songs) Besides playing traditional folk, The Khan Brothers also incorporate classical elements… Read more


Kathak meets Kalbeliya A harpist, a singer, a percussion player. Kalbeliya and Kathak dance. Three musicians and three dancers transform the power of tradition into their own, unique language. “Taal”, the title of this piece, refers to the Hindi word for rhythm as well as the Dutch word for language. In India, rhythm is the… Read more

Gori KaDance Orchestra

Bollywood dansers in kostuum tijdens Vliegerfestival dansvoorstelling

Professional Bollywood dance & music Gori KaDance Orchestra is colourful, musical, happy, elegant and brings joyful feelings! Led by dancer/choreographer Maya Sapera, Gori KaDance takes the Belgian and international audience on a dazzling journey into the world of Bollywood & other Indian dances, and this already since 2006. Their catching choreographies, beautiful costumes and talented… Read more


We are a versatile company and can adapt our existing productions without any difficulty and tailor it to your wishes, time, budget, location, audience size, … It is also possible to create a completely new concept. Customized productions The Maya Sapera Company loves to customise the productions for you. Some examples are: (birthday)parties marriage feasts,… Read more


dancers performing on stage during Milaap

Milaap is a twofold project: a cross-over stage performance and a documentary.