Our workshops contain two components: on the one hand we offer workshops which can be booked by third parties. On the other we organise workshops as part of our educational programme.

Workshops for third parties

The Maya Sapera Dance Company has a team of well-educated teachers. Our workshops are fit for all ages, levels, language groups and contexts. We offer:
– Dance workshops: Introduction into Indian dance – Bollywood – Bharata Natyam (South-Indian Temple Dance) – Kathak (North-Indian Classical Dance) – Kalbeliya (Indian Gypsy dance from Rajasthan) – Indian Contemporary – Oriental (all styles)
– Other workshops: Indian music (English with a Dutch/French interpreter) – Making Jewellery (English with a Dutch/French interpreter) – Making bindi’s (French) -Introduction in Hindi (Language) (Dutch/French/English) – Henna (Dutch, French, English) – Dress like an Indian (Dutch/French)
– Lectures: Introduction into Indian or Oriental dance (general) or into a specific Indian/Oriental dance form -Dance and music traditions from Rajasthan – Other introductions (e.g. for a specific concert/programme). If you have a subject for a lecture in mind that can be linked to any of the former themes, you are welcome to contact us.

Bookings should be made with Aaricia Ponnet.

Our own workshops

The Maya Sapera Dance Company offers qualitative education through intensive courses and workshops, given by our own teachers or invited guest teachers. We aim to offer occasions where both beginners can place their first steps into the world of Indian and Oriental arts, and advanced learners can refine their skills and explore new dances.