Kathak dance for beginners with Yuka (Brussels)

Maya Sapera Dance Company opens a new series of Kathak classes for beginners in Brussels (Woluwe, subway: Roodebeek)!

These are in-person classes so in order to respect social distancing rules for COVID-19, we have a limit of 6 people for the course!

How to enrol?
–> Contact: Yuka Numao, 0496 55 26 79
–> Email: mayasaperadancecompany@gmail.com

What is Kathak? Kathak is one of the seven classical dance forms of India. It originated in the courts of Moghul princes, where storytellers (kathakar) told religious and mythological stories with music and dance. Its elegant hand and arm movements, rhythmical footwork and narrative expression characterise this dance form.

Yuka Numao has been learning this art form under the guidance of Guru Shila Mahta and Maya Sapera since 2013. She is delighted to accompany you on your journey into the magically beautiful world of Kathak dance!

*This class is in association with Nupur Zankar and follows the dance syllabus and teaching ethos of Shila Mehta, internationally renowned Kathak Dance Artist.