Gori KaDance Orchestra

Professional Bollywood dance & music

Gori KaDance Orchestra is colourful, musical, happy, elegant and brings joyful feelings!

Led by dancer/choreographer Maya Sapera, Gori KaDance takes the Belgian and international audience on a dazzling journey into the world of Bollywood & other Indian dances, and this already since 2006. Their catching choreographies, beautiful costumes and talented dancers turn the stage into a place where cultures fuse, limits are pushed and hearts are conquered.

In India music is the beating heart of dance, and dance is the embodiment of music. They are inseperable. Gori KaDance Orchestra, the professional Bollywoodband of Gori KaDance, is always ready to enchant the audience with their mesmerizing Bollywood-melodies.

Booking details

Gori KaDance (Orchestra) works creative, artistic as well as entertaining. Because we are a versatile group we offer a wide range of performances:

our own productions (such as before “Gori KaDance Brassband” with Va Fan Fahre, “AGNI, let the Indian fire inspire your senses”)
productions for third parties (such as “Belgium Meets Bollywood” for Europalia India, “Holi Couleur” for Couleur Café, “Baudelowood” for Gentse Lente, …)
evening performances for cultural centres, events & arts sites
productions especially created for your (personal) event (receptions, private parties, marriage feasts, …)

Depending on your wishes, time and budget we can provide 1 to 12 dancers. If you would like to book the Gori KaDance Orchestra too, we offer 7 musicians for a Bollywood concept and 3 for a traditional concept. Bookings should be made with Maya Sapera.