Khan Brothers

Khan Brothers: Indian musical group

The Khan Brothers are an Indian musical duo specialised in traditional and classical Indian music. Mahabub and Sattar Khan have been musicians since childhood. They bring a variety of Rajasthani music.

Their styles include:

  • folk songs
  • Qawwali (sufi songs)

Besides playing traditional folk, The Khan Brothers also incorporate classical elements into their music.

Booking details

You can book The Khan Brothers by email to Maya Sapera.

The Khan Brothers each have their own speciality in instruments and vocals:

  • Mahabub Khan: vocals, harmonium and tabla
  • Sattar Khan: dholak, algooza (double flute), bhapang, borcchang (mouth harp) and khartal (Indian castanets)

We can adapt our programme to your wishes, time and budget. For small events, it is possible to book only music. For bigger events, we regularly collaborate with other artists. The melodies and rhythms of Mahabub and Sattar can be supported by:

  • a modern, swinging touch: e.g. drum, base, …
  • amplifying the traditional sounds: e.g. extra voice, tabla, sitar, …

The Khan Brothers can also be accompanied by dance, see Khan Brothers & Maya Sapera.

Read more about our Customized Productions.

The Khan Brothers, a biography

Mahabub and Sattar Khan descend from a well-known musical family in Rajasthan, India. Their ancestors were court musicians for the local Maharaja of Kerap, Rajasthan.

Today Mahabub and Sattar are dedicated to spreading this ancient tradition throughout the West. Their skills receive international praise, resulting in regular invitations to play around the world. After touring with the famous folkgroup Musafir, Mahabub and Sattar founded The Khan Brothers.

Mahabub Khan

Mahabub Khan is a talented singer. His voice has touched the hearts of many. Mahabub accompanies his singing with the harmonium. He is also trained in percussion, with a focus on Tabla drums.

Mahabub has worked together with many renowned dancers and musicians, including:

  • Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
  • Gulabi Sapera
  • Musafir
  • Thierry  “Titi” Robin
  • Gori KaDance Orchestra
  • Kiva (Canada)
  • Djamel (Belgium),
  • Fana – Dewish Dance – Haqqani Mevlevi (Italy)
  • Lo’Jo Triban (France)
  • Osama Abdulrasol (Belgium)
  • Mastana – Qawali du Rajasthan (France)
  • John Snauwaert (Belgium)
  • Bart Maris (Belgium)
  • Pieter-Jan De Smet (Belgium)
  • Derwish Khan (France)
  • Va Fan Fahre, etc.

Sattar Khan

Sattar Khan is the youngest of the Khan Brothers and a talented percussionist. His fingers are so fast that your eyes cannot follow. Sattar plays almost any existing Indian percussion instrument. From tabla to dholak, but also smaller instruments like the khartal (Indian castanets), bhapang and morcchang (mouthharp). In addition, he also masters the double flute.

Sattar was a guest musician for Natasha Atlas and Transglobal Underground. He participated in an exchange program organized by the British Counselor. Mahabub and Sattar have worked together on many projects, such as Babel by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Musafir, Gori KaDance Orchestra and Bart Maris.

Ready to see the Khan Brothers in action? Contact Maya Sapera today for booking details or visit one our upcoming shows!