Women Speak, inspired by Mahasati

Women Speak is a performance of emotions, color and female power. Discover the power of Kathak dance and watch our performance in Brussels or Evergem.

Women Speak speaks of different stories

Women Speak takes the dance production Mahasati as a baseline. Mahasati is a character from the Indian literary tradition. Her life was a life of obstacles and growth. Mahasati’s female power became the inspiration for  Shila Mehta‘s production of the same name in 2016.

The artistic team of Women Speak brings this legend to the contemporary stage. The performance tells a hopeful story about the challenges in everyone’s lives.

The dancers interpret the philosophy that is inspired by Mahasati’s course of life. Throughout the performance, they evolve along with the bigger story of this character. They each have their own role to play in this story. In this way, Women Speak is more than the story of just one woman: it is the story of both the dancers and the spectators. Come and discover your own story!

Why this performance?

Women Speak brings a universal story through the uniqueness of Indian dance. Kathak was brought to the contemporary dance world by choreographers such as Akram Khan. In the art field of Flanders, however, this dance style is still largely unknown.

Shila Mehta and Maya Sapera aim to change this. For Women Speak, they reinterpret an existing choreography by Shila Mehta, in collaboration with dramaturge Lisi Estaras. Together, they search for those elements in the Indian classical dance style Kathak that can be understood universally and combine these elements to create a universal, brave story that is an inspiration to all.

The artists

Shila Mehta, Maya Sapera and Lisi Estaras search for global elements in Kathak dance to make their work suit our contemporary society. They are supported by a diverse artistic team:

  • Choreography, concept and dance: Shila Mehta, Maya Sapera
  • Dramaturgy: Lisi Estaras (les ballets C de la B)
  • Repetitors: Lies Heylbroeck, Aaricia Ponnet
  • Dancers Maya Sapera Dance Company: Sarah Declercq, Lies Heylbroeck, Karen Laleeuwe, Angela Moscoso, Yuka Numao, Aaricia Ponnet, Astrid Strybol, Jolien Van De Velde, Anoukh van de Wiel, Babette Weyns
  • Musicians: Mahabub Khan, Sattar Khan
  • Guest artists: Mileen Borgonjon, Siri Clinckspoor, Oli Kalari, Anvita Pandey
  • Costume logistics: Yuka Numao, Maya Sapera, Shila Mehta
  • Costume design: Sandhya Raman
  • Hair: Dirk Ponnet
  • Make-up: Cathy Sylvestre
  • Decor: Anneke Van Laere
  • Communication: Aaricia Ponnet, Maya Sapera, Astrid Strybol, Jolien Van De Velde, Anoukh van de Wiel, Babette Weyns
  • Image design: Jan Marmenout
  • Photography: Rudy Carlier, Mario Severi, Isabel Torrekens
  • Video: Beeldstorm
  • Production: Maya Sapera Dance Company vzw in collaboration with Shila Mehta’s Nupur Zankar
  • Partners: Nupur Zankar Academy of Performing Arts & Research Centre, Vlaamse Gemeenschap (departement jeugd, cultuur en media), Stad Gent, Cultuur Gent, Danspunt, Alain Platel, Danshuis De Ingang, Universiteit Gent, Kimaya vzw, Cultuurcentrum Evergem – Stroming

Book your tickets

You can book your tickets via these websites: CC Stroming in Evergem (14 June) and Bozar in Brussels (15 June).

Interested in updates of the show and a glimpse behind the scenes? Mark yourself present on the Facebook events in Brussels and Evergem.

This performance came about with the financial support of the Flemish government (Department of Youth, Culture and Media), the Ghent City and Ghent Cultural Council.